Herb and Connie Allred were made of clay by a benevolent being (whose name shall remain unpronounceable) who thought that the world needed more potters.

One of Connie's earliest childhood memories is of making mudpies on the family record turntable and discovering that she could fling more mud farther by cranking the speed up to 78. As a young adult, she refined her technique and today can throw clay all the way across the studio. Sheer pottery in motion.

Herb has a certificate of mental competency from a mail order university in Bear Creek, North Carolina, despite compulsions to make faces in mirrors and amusing readers by throwing commas into sentences as if he were feeding chickens.

After they hand-form and sign each piece, it is allowed to dry, still smoking from the intensity of direct intention. It is bisque fired, then decorated and glazed. The incalescent firing marries the non-toxic glaze to the clay body.

Their uncommon hand-sculpted face mugs and their other whimsical and functional pieces are available at Village Craftsmen on Ocracoke Island. Periodic offerings are also available at local pottery venues .

Be sure to visit more incredible artists in our neck of the woods.

Bachus with face mug