pottery FAQ Two Dudious Pumps

Why do many of your faces look so befuddled? A mirror is used as the primary inspiration for the faces appearing on our mugs, jugs, etc.

Where do you get your clay? Our clay is a blend of kaolins, flint, feldspars, and primordial mud. It is mined on the planet Krypton by the slaves of supermen.

How can you sell these unique pieces for so little? Low overhead. We also do some part-time housework for the slaves of Krypton.

Where do you get your ideas? (See question #1.)

Who is the brains of the outfit? Connie.

Are there any prohibitions to lifting text or images from the Allred Pottery website? A cryptic message over the door to the website reads, "A curse be upongst those who take word or symbol from this place (without proper credit); Their imaginations shall shrivel and waste until they can do naught but what is told them."

Just what is your mission statement? We don't have a mission statement, but we can tell you what we're trying to do. We try to capture an expression at that moment of innocent honesty between sleeping and waking, before the face can mask itself in defense.